All ordinary passport holders except on the left can stay visa-free 30 days in the Jeju Island.

When visitors enter into Jeju directly from abroad not through Incheon or Gimpo airport. If visitors transit at Incheon or Gimpo, they need a visa clearance according to their nationalities.

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Electrical supply

  The standard electrical supply in Korea is 220 volts, AC, 60Hz. The outlet has two round holes and is the same type used in France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Turkey, and many other countries.


Time difference

  Korean Standard Time is 9 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+9).


Arrival at the airport

 Jeju International Airport is conveniently located at the center of East Asia and is easily accessible from China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. The airport currently services 10 direct international flights and 11 domestic flights. On average, the airport receives 120 flights a day.

 Direct flights are available from Nagoya, Tokyo, Beijing, Osaka, Pudong, Shenyang, Taipei, Hangzhou, Fukuoka.

 Visitors from countries without direct flights may easily travel to Jeju through major airports such as those in Inchon, Gimpo, Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing, and Shanghai.