The Society on the Fusion of Science and Technologies also supervises Local symposium between Korea and each countries throughout the world. As well as the global sized symposium - ISFT 2018, the local-ISFT program also features in exchange of scientific & technological results among academic & industrial professionals around the world.

 The L-ISFT programs are currently being operated in 6 countries. Including Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia Myanmar and Indonesia. But it can be also be operated in further countries by appointment of organizing chairman of each countries.

With the success of each Local ISFT, the ISFT committee is planning for upcoming schedule.
Beginning 3rd L-ISFT in Vietnam, until next early year, L-ISFT is scheduled to be held in each major countries. Please refer to the upcoming L-ISFT schedule. If you are interested, please contact to the ISFT Secretariat (
isft2018@gmail.com). Your participating is encouraged.

The upcoming schedule is as follows.

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